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    Friday, August 27, 2004

    Doin' the Bus Stop (chicane)

    I'm so glad F1 is able to get back to Spa-Francorchamps for a race this year. Between the laptimes being predicted to fall dramatically and Michael Schumacher being able to clinch the Driver's Championship there on Sunday it should be exciting in any case. It's a great track though, and one of my favorites to pretend to drive (This should be listed on my tombstone: He loved to pretend he was driving). The fastest turn in F1 is back though, and everyone agrees Eau Rouge can be taken flat out this year.

    Adding to the excitement is a bet made with the elder Nawtin of ten bones that MS will not win every remaining race in the season. I figure something is bound to happen and over the remaining races, versus the field, something will keep him from winning at least one.

    I'm not supremely confident that I will win though, and won't be surprised at all if I ended up making a stupid bet. But my chances seem better to me than most betting I have ever done based on figuring my own odds. Generally I suck at predicting what will happen, hence my lack of betting experience. Thank you to society for halting natural selection in its bid to determine people like me unfit for predicting and adapting to reality, btw. I always figure there are better odds that I don't know what I'm talking about than whatever odds I give the thing of actually happening. So this is really shrewd statistical analysis right? Don't bet=win. I have now broken that rule of thumb and I guess that tilts the odds in favor of me being wrong, statistically.

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