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    Sunday, August 01, 2004

    corporate rape

    i've been following this story for some time now. the debate rages on and i suspect it will continue until my eyes bleed and i get sick of hearing about it. but for now i find it interesting. i can't decide who i think is right or wrong. or rather, who is more right or wrong as there doesn't seem to be any clear case of black and white here. certainly if you buy a piece of hardware it's yours and the company you purchased it from shouldn't have the right to tell you what to do with it from that point on. i also don't believe they should hold the monopoly on this hardware. true, they built a better moustrap and they built it before anyone else. but just because they were the first ones to build it doesn't mean they should hold exclusive rights to all future blueprints. i don't think they should be so tightfisted with it that anyone else who even attempts to go one better is slapped with a lawsuit and thrown in jail never to see the light of day. that's just greedy and underhanded.

    but i also see Apple's p.o.v in that they told Real "no" when first approached about working together and no means no and does not mean, "see what you can do about working around it and hacking into our system anyway" and i would be pretty pissed off if i found out this corporate entity was basically raping my hardware looking for a way around that "no." plus, Real Networks is pretty much crap. i'm no fan of their software and never have been. perhaps if it were anyone but them i wouldn't be so bothered by what they were doing. however, they did try to go about it legally first and were shut down. still, the whole concept of that bothers me. if you're told no and you don't get the answer you like you don't look for a way around it by resorting to illegal methods. even if the greedy bastards might deserve it. it's just not right. you should fight might with right. yes, Apple is a powerful company and Real Networks probably doesn't stand a snowballs chance in hell of winning if they were to go about it legally. but resorting to these egregiously shallow tactics just further carries them into the already murky depths of poor business they've already been wading in for far too long. somebody has to be the bigger man here. i guess it's left up to the consumer to step up to the plate.

    at any rate, i'll continue to follow the story...no matter how disgusted i am with both sides.

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