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    Wednesday, August 11, 2004

    burger bandit

    and people say we here in seattle don't have our priorities straight.
    ...the hungry burglar gobbled a box of Creamsicles, six shrimp kabobs, about a dozen mini corndogs, half a large package of Costco lunch meats, two fruit drinks, a glass of milk, a dozen clumps of frozen cookie dough and several large handfuls of M&Ms.... "I have four kids, and all of them could have been exposed to who knows what," Sanchez said.
    unless her children were coated in bacon grease and chocolate syrup before bed, i don't think she need have worried.

    posted by kimberley at 10:05 PM   1 comments links to this post


    At 6:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


    My name is Mathieu O'Neil, I’m currently a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University’s Center of New Media Arts. I also contribute to a collective blog on New Media Arts called underthesun (http://underthesun.anu.edu.au/weblogs/underthesun/).

    I’m presently conducting a sociological survey of blogs, focusing on the social dynamics which lead people to blog and on how bloggers determine the value of their and other bloggers’ work on the blogging market. My research findings will be presented at a conference at Macquarie University (Sydney), “Mobile Boundaries / Rigid Worlds: The Contemporary Paradox” in late September.

    I conducted a similar survey with zine publishers in the mid-nineties, obtained 120 responses, and wrote up the results in an article entitled “The Lay of the Land. Portrait of the Zinester as a Social Statistic” which was published in the “zine of zines”, Factsheet 5 (no. 62, 1997). I’m also interested in the possible continuities / discontinuities between blogs and zines.

    So, I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to answer the following questions, as well as pass them on to anyone else who might be interested in taking part. Any information collected is for social science research purposes only, and will be be treated with the utmost confidentiality (hey, if you think collecting bloggers’ personal details is some kind of fiendish conspiracy, be my guest).

    A few pointers:
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    -Please do not modify the order of the questions.
    -Please do not send in surveys after 5 SEPTEMBER, 2004. This is the official cut-off date.

    Mathieu O'Neil

    Please direct all queries and completed surveys to:


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    E-The Blogosphere
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    Have any problems arisen because you blog:
    What blogging practice annoys you the most:
    Do you post comment in other blogs:
    Do you subscribe to email lists / discussions (which ones):
    What is your take on the blogosphere:

    F-Blogs and zines
    Did you read zines?
    How are zines and blogs similar:
    How are zines and blogs different:



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