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    Thursday, August 26, 2004

    Boot to the head

    I heard Tom Leykis found out that it's a small world after all. He got booted in the head while in Seattle, apparently by a guy who Leykis was rude to. Having felt the urge to unleash physical violence on people like Leykis (up to and including Leykis) I at first cheered. A little bit of schadenfreude, a little bit of clapping for karma winning a point.

    But then I had a sobering thought: this will only impede the rights of ordinary people like you and me to clock obstinate assholes in the face. Hitting a man with a forum like a radio show or a tv show is about as dumb as hitting a lawyer.

    I admit to the urge to hit people (I have it frequently) but I rarely, if ever, act on it. One of the men alleged in the incident purported to have been previously insulted by Mr. Leykis. On the radio. In all probability it would have gone down the same way if there had been no interlude from radio call-in to personal run-in. If the whole exchange had happened in an elevator, Leykis would still be sporting a new "open mind" heh yes i keeeed. So It's possible that this incident will prompt Leykis to watch his mouth, but I doubt it. His show is predicated on saying inflammatory things and getting people that call in to react angrily. If he had a less obnoxious voice for doing that with, I don't think he would use it. I guess what I'm saying is that without planning subsequent follow up beatings...these guys should never have bothered.

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