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    Saturday, August 28, 2004

    Blue lights shot out of my keyboard...

    Last night was pretty wild, in that a storm came through and was acting up with the electricity. I ended up driving around in it with a buddy for a while, after I lost the ability to sign on. There was some flooding going on, so of course we had to go venture out in it. And yes, a lightnight strike crackling blue light out of your computer with a loud *pop* sound is startling. It must have scrambled something in my ethernet card, because I replaced the fried out cable modem this morning and that didn't fix things until I hooked it up through USB. I'm no expert on ethernet cards though and I'm happy just to be able to feed the addiction.

    Has anyone noticed that John O'neill's quote to Nixon about being in Cambodia, near Cambodia is almost the exact wording Tad Devine and other surrogates have used when "answering" charges about it? I kept thinking to myself Hey, he said John Kerry was in Cambodia, near Cambodia! He is answering yes/no and no one is calling him on it!. Then the O'neill quote came out and I thought hmmm maybe the Kerry Kamp was answering that question in that wording intentionally for a different reason than I originally guessed. Maybe they wanted to give the impression that it was common to state generally that you were "in Cambodia" when you were just near it. You can just about tell exactly when the Kerry campaign became aware that the O'neill quote was out there, because the surrogates who talked about it all used the same language. "John Kerry was in Cambodia, near Cambodia blah blah blah." Sneaky, sneaky! I'll have to track down some quotes for comparison. Notably this happened on the Meet the Press I blogged about a few entries below. I'm not trying to make this into something, I just think it's interesting...

    In the meantime, Take That Afghanistan

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