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    Wednesday, August 25, 2004

    Bleeding Kansas, and the truth about chiggers

    I found out a couple days ago that you can't learn the history of Eastern Kansas on-site without also learning a thing or two about being bitten by chiggers. I mean, these things itch like a nicotine patch. Coming home and learning more about chiggers is something I don't necessarily recommend, but I have done it. I read this, and resolved to shudder every time I think of it. The link is there for the curious but trust me, you will be horrified.

    So it was a fun filled day, starting at dawn in the local park to check out the deer. I came home with so much free literature from historical sites that I don't think I can really detail everything we saw. I'll throw down some links if you are for some reason interested in knowing more. The civil war era was the setting of all these places when they made their history worth putting up a sign and opening a gift shop about. The Bleeding Kansas time period though, wow things were just nuts around here. I didn't realize what national implications these things had when I learned them in school. There is so much more interesting to it than it used to seem, during Kansas Spirit week at the public school.

    • Battle of Mine Creek, where 2500 Union soldiers kicked the asses of 8000 Confederates from Missouri. Soundly and quickly, too. One is tempted to search here and below for reasons Kansans talk shit on Misery. I personally think it's how badly they drive, but I am not originally from here.
    • Marais Des Cygnes Massacre site, this was where I think I got the chiggers. A bunch of filthy bastards from Misery came over the state line and killed and wounded 11 innocent Kansans, in an act that can only be described as terrorism. For as much national outcry as this incident sparked, it is sort of weird that there is almost jack crap there to see. The place is hidden and basically closed and in disuse. Some signs are there, some vandalism, and a closed house/museum. Quite an interesting story though. Hard to imagine the guys that survived by pretending to be dead. That meantdropping to the ground and laying still in chiggerville.
    • Fort Scott, which is a National Historic Site. It has an interesting story as well, and if you are bored and close it's not a bad place to spend an hour or two. The renovated buildings have some interesting exhibits of life back in the day, and walking around in them made it easy to imagine a bit of what life was like back then. In a word, shitty.

    There was much more seen, and much more done and discussed but I just don't want to go on forever about it. I still haven't said anything about the air museum tour, which deserves its spot because I actually took pictures that I can post. I really need to do that, and preferably before I go on the next excursion. But at least this one is out of my system.

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