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    Monday, July 26, 2004

    I can juggle, yeah. just not hot coffee.

    I will not blog about the DNC I will not blog about the DNC I will not blog about the DNC I will not blog about the DNC I will not blog about the DNC

    Other people are doing that, <--- so you don't think I am suppressing information.

    I think I want to see that movie Collateral when it comes out. With Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise? I may have mentioned that already but the trailer did its job. I don't exactly know the premise but something to do with explosions and guns and saying witty things in desperate situations. so. I really expect to be disappointed but I also want a shallow fiction with which to numb my brain. That said, I *don't* want to see the Manchurian Candidate. And I don't want you to see it either, so I am not linking to it. Ha.

    Funny storyhere about my ex-browser IE. I happened to have jumped on the Firefox bandwagon just before the last gaping hole in IE security was exposed but honestly its just a better way of browsing. Open source kicks ass. I haven't regretted switching yet.

    I had so much more to say but it has escaped me here, at 2 in the morning. I have a 'pontmint tomorrow morning. So I really gotta floss and try and sleep. Not that I am tired, per se. I might update again, for all I know. Aren't I prolific.

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