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    "The slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts" ~ George Orwell

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    Tuesday, July 27, 2004

    admit it, you hate america too!

    what to think...what to think...i just wish they'd tell me what to think!

    is she echoing voltaire? i think things are getting a little out of hand here. i mean, there are plenty of other reasons to throw ronstadt out. but this isn't a good one.

    and you say?

    posted by kimberley at 5:33 PM   3 comments links to this post


    At 6:57 PM, Blogger M@ said...

    I better "support moore"? good lord. It so happens that none of the performers that were stupid enough to speak without thinking are among even my least favorites.

    In a free country you can say whatever you want on your own dime. Also, in a free country, a casino, or people who *bought* those Dixie Chicks Cds or Slimfast or whoever else can *not* support whoever they want as well. I don't see any governmental agencies slapping a gag on any of these people. They just opened their mouth and said something that either their employer or their fans decided they didn't want to give money to anymore.

    No one is making Ronstadt stop saying these things, they just don't fit with a good business plan, ie an apolitical veneer so as to keep earning dollars from people all along the spectrum. Besides the fact that I consider each of these people supposedly "targeted" for their "courage" morons whose opinions aren't worth the drinks thrown at them...I just don't see how their freedom to say what they "think" is a right to lock in the dollars they earn from people who disagree.

    support michael moore or somehow the nation will collapse? I only see the controversy propelling his take to over 100 MILLION dollars. I won't be seeing it. I even have strong opinions about it *without* any intention of seeing it. Does that make me a fascist? Do I really have to pretend as if Michael Moore just maybe changed his whole M.O. and I won't be able to tell until I've soaked up every stupid scene and given it equal time? I don't think that's very tolerant of my opinion.

    The Dixie Chicks acted surprised that COUNTRY MUSIC fans are also staunch supporters of the war on terrorism, and Bush. WTF. Gee, the same thing happened when michael jackson said "sure, its ok to have young boys in your bed" pretty much, didn't it? I don't hear anyone clamoring to protect *his* freedom of speech. Not, you know, that I think anyone should. But he sure is getting burned for speaking his mind.

    I do agree the Ronstadt thing was overblown and I have read an account from a ticketholder that night who claimed that the ruckus was not nearly what the press or the casino made it out to be. There were far fewer rambunctious fans than they would have you believe, plus it was her last song of a one show engagement. I think throwing her out was a bit of CYA that was only done because she was pretty much on her way out anyway. Keeping her from going to her room was more likely a personal FU too, from an already unhappy employer. The press just ran with it because of its juicy flavor. In fact, Ronstadt herself had told a reporter sometime prior to the show that she hoped she irritated them to this very point because she would rather not come back. I think there was probably some Ronstadt ego vs. casino management that went on before this, and ronstadt gave mr. casino enough rope to hang her with.

    But sheesh, why don't more people realize that the first amendment refers to THE GOVERNMENT PASSING LAWS against speech. If you stand up for ronstadt's right to say stupid things, then you also have to stand up for the right of everyone else to call it stupid don't you? That includes a company that has more a vested interest in keeping the audience happy than the performer. Not very surprising at all whose side the casino landed on, is it?

    hmmm...this comment is now 5 times longer than your post. I will shut up now. Before I get lynched :)

    At 7:44 PM, Blogger kimberley said...

    that's not the point. the point is they're making a bigger mess of things when they do shit like this. if they don't like her and she was on her way out anyway then i should think they would bypass all the negative press and just wait until she was all through with her little demonstration and then quietly give her the heave ho without all the fanfare. the way this was handled was the equivalent to throwing gas on an already raging bonfire and then standing back in amusmement going, "gee, that only made things worse!" no. really. you think? doesn't anyone think anymore? isn't anyone capable of NOT acting on impulse? can't they just for a change of M.O. see past the nose on their faces and look at the big picture and forecast into the future a bit at what implications their actions might hold?

    i suppose that's me being irrational or looking for logic where there is clearly none to be found. it would just be nice if, just ONCE, cooler heads would prevail.

    At 8:26 PM, Blogger M@ said...

    Cooler heads prevailing...heh good luck. I definitely agree this was a stupid way to spend newsgathering energy and money. I'm no fan of hers, but I also don't see her as much of an influence on anyone's opinion, except perhaps Moore's (of himself). I really think some snotty casino guy saw his opportunity to pay her back for something personal behind the scenes, so all my blathering was probably just hotheaded venting. I don't really think you were being irrational, but the idea that people will stop making a bigger deal out of things than they really are might be a little hopeful :) I know *I* can't usually help it.


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