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    Thursday, July 29, 2004

    The 21st century: The Age of Simulation

    I happened to stumble knee deep into the world of the Sims last night. I searched high and low for a downloadable symbol of mortality, of all things. I finally found the one downloadable tombstone in 20 sites or more of all things Sims. The vicarious detail out there blew my mind! Of course, I did *not* find the giant stash that I was trying, in typical man fashion, to beat Kim to. She won though, as usual. More Sims tombstones than you have co-workers here at Ophelia's little site-a-ma-jiggie

    Maybe it will be easier for the next guy now.

    I was at Wal-mart earlier tonight while helping my buddy Eric move back in town. The 24 hour Wal-mart. A weird place to go at 1:00am or so. An interesting shrine to the free market outside at the vending machines. The America's Choice Knock -off "simulation" brand ran 25c. Yeah! Must be terrible, I thought. I'd rather pay the extra dollar and a half for the real Dr. Pepper, right? I'm a Pepper. I buy inta that whoooole thing. (I still reserve the right to scoff at advertising but i was imprinted with Dr.Pepper=wholesome and comforting at a young age) But look! The free market had forced Big Evil Cola, the suited bastards, to go to...*40c* a can! While everywhere else you're paying at least 60 cents at a vending machine, the bottom falls out of the market in a price war. So how much is Wal-mart losing to make Pepsi and Coke look bad in front of their store I wonder? I know it's only pennies but I was ready to pay the exhorbitant fee that they expect out of a thoroughly parched idiot with a pocket full of change in most places right? It made me smile, because it's a beautiful thing.

    I can't stop thinking. And so I type and surf. I came across the Word Detective last night. I venture that you've shown me this before, Kim. But I rediscovered it and found it worth repeating. I nominate it for linkage on the side but consider this a one post feature. Lots of interesting stuff there, hey! wow!

    This picture from Rambling's Journal has the funniest caption I've seen along with it so far. I don't think it makes it to the Dukakis level of campaign gaffes that Republicans want it to be but it doesn't take a genius to know that there's a photoshop contest going on as we speak. At least it didn't exist when the JibJab kids were making their video.

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